Greg Richardson Music Studios

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What I Teach

As a teacher I try to stress the importance of versatility and musicianship.
In the beginning we will focus primarily on familiarizing you with Root Position Chords, Bar Chords, Scales and various picking and strumming techniques. I believe in cutting through the confusion to get down to playing music. Practice makes perfect, and music should be about having fun. With that goal in mind my lessons are always relaxed with the individuals personal goal in mind.

I firmly believe that versatility, diversity and flexibility are the key elements to success. Many beginning students give up before really trying to play because they believe guitar will be easy to play. If it were that easy everyone would play. However, if you walk into guitar center and listen to a few customers you will see how wide the range of playing ability is. You will notice how few people have any real control over their sound or the actual instrument. Then you will notice  how few of them are really experienced. When I say experienced I do not just mean in terms of technical practice. I am referring to actual playing time in a variety of live and studio situations. Not to mention songwriting, worship teams, rehearsal and of course teaching. The biggest challenge of all of these is learning to play in ensemble with other musicians, singers, writers and instrumentalists. 

Not only do I teach musicality, but I also stress the importance of musical maturity and etiquette. All of these play a part in the performance of music. I also consider myself your personal agent from the moment you step inside my door. And as such will do everything within my ability to get you involved in the world of music. This can be either through jam session, recording or songwriting. 

I will try to quickly get up up to speed on the basics as well as many of the advanced techniques of playing. My role is to keep music interesting and to find your passion.  If playing in a band is your goal then that will be our focus, if song writing is your goal then we will pursue that. If you just want to jam with some friends then that will be our goal. Even if you just need a hobby other than video games and television then guitar can be it.

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